Can I work on my own project?

Yes, you can do anything you want, as long as it meets the schedule and quality requirements of that particular job.

Can I buy or order materials where I want?

Yes, through A.C.C. Inc. If we don't have an account already set up at the supplier of your choice, we will immediately set up an account in your name.

My friend is an electrician; can he do my electrical work for me to save even more money?

Yes, as long as they are currently licensed and bonded with the state and will meet our schedules and quality of work.

What about design?

We can custom design your home for you or you can use your own design. If we do the design, you'll enjoy the copyright of your design and use, plus copies that you need!

Can you help us find a lot?

Yes, we have access to land in the area, and we can steer you to a quality agent if necessary.

I am unsure of the materials available to build with; how do I make a decision on which ones to use?

Our experts will help you to determine those decisions by analyzing the material in question as it relates to lots, quality, and environment.

Remember you save when you participate - So call us to save on your next building project!

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