Would you like to:

•  Build, Remodel or Design your home?
•  Know the builders actual costs?
•  Save on Materials and Labor?
•  Participate in its construction?
•  Build your dream home or Remodel for less than actual value?
•  Finance both house and land?
•  Build a more Eco-Friendly Green Home?

Assisted Construction Custom Homes basic services include financial qualifying assistance, land acquisition, custom design, complete lending program, bid processing, construction permits, state and local inspections. ACC Custom Homes will prepare your bid package and build your dream house from the first nail driven to the last piece of grass in the front yard.

The customer can assist in any phase of the program from design to nailing or painting or remodeling your home or doing nothing at all. Their program is setup to bring down the cost of markups on all "build custom home" phases that you pay when you buy a "new" pre-constructed home.

You choose your level of participation on your
Builder Assisted Custom Home Project!

Our unique program allows you to choose your level of participation in remodeling your home. What that means is you do as much or as little as you desire. If you have the time and experience, you will want to select certain portions of the construction to do yourself. Thus, you increase your savings which are added to the low cost of the Assisted Construction Custom Homes program.

You Choose Your Custom Materials

Have you ever walked into a new housing development only to find the same materials, fixtures, and appliances through all the homes with no substitutions? Or, have a custom builder give you a list of materials that aren't so custom? That doesn't happen with Assisted Construction Custom Homes. You select your materials such as windows, doors, siding, roofing, flooring, appliances, fixtures and others. With ACC's buying power you get custom materials at considerable savings. You now have the freedom to choose the materials that will go into your custom home. Don't just learn how to build your own home; take control of how it's built and what you build it with!

It will cost you nothing to learn about the Assisted Construction Custom Homes difference, but what you learn can save you thousands.

A.C.C. Custom Homes is a Nationally Certified Green Builder